Granby Rovers Soccer Club

Team Connect App

Uploading Player Photos

All players will need to have a photo loaded to their profile for their membership cards. In order to load your player photo to the website, please use Microsoft Paint (or similar tool) to resize the photo to 150 wide x 200 vertical:

In Windows Explorer

  • Right click on the photo
  • Click Open With > Paint
  • On the Home tab, click Resize
  • Click the Pixels option
  • Horizontal = 150 (maximum)
  • Vertical = 200 (maximum)
  • Click OK
  • Save the file

During the registration process, you will be prompted to upload the photo, please select the photo you have resized.

Please note: There is a problem uploading photos using the Internet Explorer browser. When registering, it may be easier if you use the Google Chrome browser. If you experiece any problems with this, please contact

Team Connect

Team Connect is the application that Granby Rovers teams will use to communicate with parents. Each parent should have received a link to access their team via Team Connect upon registration. If you did not receive the link, please contact our webmaster for your team's link. In addition to the Team Connect website, you may download the mobile version to be used on your phone.

Team Rosters via Team Connect

Coaches and Managers have the ability to manage their rosters via the Team Connect website and mobile application. Before printing the team roster, the coach and/or manager should ensure each member of their team has been properly added and update the player's jersey number. If a member of your team does not appear on the roster, please contact the Webmaster with the details.

Edit Jersey Numbers

Once you are logged into your team's site on Team Connect, click Roster on the left hand panel

- Click on player's name
- Ensure the parent has uploaded a photo (if not, please contact the parent)
- Click Edit
- Scroll down to Jersey Number, enter the number for that player
- Click Save

Print Roster

At the top of the Roster page is a link to "Print Rosters & Medical Releases". Select the Official State Sports Safe Roster. This will download a PDF of the Roster for you to print and sign.

Member Cards

Member Cards are not availabe on Team Connect. Please contact the Granby Rovers Registrar for an updated copy of your team roster once it has been completed.

Schedule Games via Team Connect

Coaches and Managers have the ability to manage the team schedule via the Team Connect website and mobile application.

League Games are initially scheduled by the CJSA league. These games should automatically appear on Team Connect once the league has completed the season leage game assignments. Coaches and managers should be able to edit these games after they have been setup.

Friendly Games and Tournaments must be setup by the coach or manager using the Team Connect website or mobile application. Once you are logged into Team Connect, click Schedule on the left hand side panel. This will display a calendar.

At the top of the calendar is an "Add new item to schedule" menu item.

- Click the menu item to schedule your Game, Practice, or Event.
- Complete additional details in the window
- Please be sure to add the Location Address, City, State of the event to ensure families know where they are going. You should be able to find most of the Locations on the Rovers website.
- Click Add when finished.

Team members may Print, Download the calendar for importing into other applications, or subscribe to the calendar to link to online calendars such as Google Calendar.